Exercise is the best medicine for your heart!

"The best exercise is the one that you'll do!" William Sears, MD It’s no secret, exercise is essential to your health! When mixed with the right nutrition, exercise is your best heart medicine. Exercise doesn’t have to mean a full-blown session in the gym, or training...

A sweet treat against Alzheimer’s

Since years we know that research is in process of finding a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. According to American Chemical Society a possible cure may be closer – and tastier- then we think. Researchers have found that real Maple syrup – the kind that comes from the...

“Eat. Sleep. Repeat.”

After a day in the sun, you will likely be ready for a good night’s sleep. But, did you know that certain foods can also play a role in the quality of your sleep? All food we eat has an effect on our health in some form. The brain is highly affected, for better or for...

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