Any time we eat something it raises blood sugar. Insulin is a hormone that opens the door for glucose to enter the cells. It is an anabolic Hormone responsible to store the excess of fuel. The purpose of everything we eat is to turn that food in to fuel and building blocks. Insulin has to do with both but when we refer to Insulin resistance we talk primarily about the fuel part. Any time we eat something that raises blood sugar, that sugar is in the bloodstream and it cant get in to the cell without the help of Insulin.Think of Insulin like a key a hormone that plugs in to the lock and opens up the door for glucose to get inside the cell. This is a very precised regulated process by the body it doesn’t happen by itself. As an anabolic hormone Insulin stores the excess so when we eat carbohydrates than there is an enormous response of Insulin because in that moment the purpose for that carb is part of the fuel but most of it gets converted into fat that we can put in storage and use for later. Protein has a moderate Insulin response because protein gets turned into tissue we use to build tissues and muscles but fat doesn’t have any Insulin response to speak of it is virtually zero because fat doesn’t get turned into storage or into tissue. It is already in the form the body needs so it doesn’t have an Insulin response to it. Everything we eat will become blood sugar one way or another. The body likes it to be a very narrow range. After a meal it should be somewhere between 80-120. If its been a while since your last meal it can be a bit lower maybe 75-95. That means that at any given time we have about 1 Teaspoon of sugar in the bloodstream and so anything more than that is excess and it has to be stored and that’s what the Insulin does takes it to storage.Why does the body want the glucose so tightly regulated? Because excess sugar is toxic to the brain.

Below is the USDA Food Pyramid with their recommendations of servings.

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As you can see there is cereal, fruit, bagel, bread, pasta, rice and oatmeal and the recommended servings are 6-11!!! Now all the mentioned foods with the servings recommended 6-11 are loaded with sugar. If we follow this USDA pyramid we will likely end up Insulin resistant in 20-30 years because of the overload of sugar and carbs plus eating 6x per day doesn’t allow the body to “rest” from eating and being stuffed with new fuel to be able to use the stored fat for fuel. The constant over feeding and high blood sugar in the cell creates the Insulin resistance. When we see people with fat around the midsection they are likely to be Insulin resistant. Fat is not equal fat on the body. The fat around the abdomen is toxic and releases toxins in to the blood stream on regular basis. Insulin resistance will lead to possible obesity and other medical issues like high Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Heart disease, etc. If we continue stuffing our self’s the body has no chance to use the stored fat for fuel but keeps storing more fat. To help your body “heal” Insulin resistance the best diet is Keto. Remove ALL bad carbs (there are healthy carbs from veggies we can eat) and sugars as well as processed foods from your diet. Reduce the amount of “feeding” times to three or better yet two meals a day than chose good organic foods and drink a lot of water.

To educate yourself more on Insulin resistance please go to     of Dr. Sten Ekbergs channel. He is a quirky guy with simple explanations for many medical conditions.

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