Ghrelin is a hunger hormone which is primarily produced by the stomach it is also responsible for storing fat and stimulating food intake. The level of Ghrelin in the body itself is regulated by your food intake. Since Ghrelin is a hunger hormone you would think it’s better to have lower amounts of it, however, this might not be true. One study found that while low levels helped reduce appetite, it also triggered significant stress in the body. This is because an absence of this hormone has been shown to produce anxiety, and therefore contributes to serious stress. In contrast, having this hormone present has been shown to prevent excessive anxiety when a person is in a state of chronic stress. When this hunger hormone is at significantly low levels, it can contribute to further stress in the body. This, in turn, can lead to the disruption of your  NEM (NeuroEndoMetabolic) Stress Response system as it forces the body to produce more of stress hormone cortisol. Because of this imbalance, adrenal fatigue may be triggered. The worst part is that, because your hunger hormone levels are low, you do not have an appetite to eat. Hence, it may prove to be quite a challenge to keep your body nourished while facing constant stress. This only makes your body weaker and worsens people with existing adrenal fatigue. A study conducted by the UT Southwestern Medical Center confirmed that chronic stress tends to bring hunger hormone levels up in the body. As this happens, a person’s food intake also tends to increase significantly, and so does their weight. A person under stress is more likely under common cravings of sweet foods. While consuming these foods from time to time is not a problem eating them frequently due stress can eventually lead to poor overall health. Because Cortisol tends to promote storing fat in the body the belly fat also increases. Fat distributed all over your body is not as “bad” as the belly fat. Belly fat is toxic. Constantly stressed people tend to binge eat or over eat more often. As this happens, you will begin putting on weight. Obesity comes with its own health problems and can worsen any already existing condition. Most important is that we want to learn to avoid and control stress as much as possible. To keep Ghrelin levels in check make sure to eat regular meals throughout the day. Drink tons of water which also will help make you feel full. And last not least: try distressing techniques like take a walk in nature, do Yoga, deep breathing techniques or a Swedish massage.

To prevent bad choices late at night if you do get a hunger attack have healthy snacks ready like : Yogurt, Nuts, fresh fruit and protein smoothie or a couple pieces of uncured Turkey cold cuts.

Stay healthy my friends!




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