Have you heard of Atherosclerosis? That’s a disease of the arteries that begins by damaging the endothelium by deposition of fatty material and plaque in the inner walls of the arteries. Do you have High Blood Pressure at times and does everything seem to stress you? Are you a bit over weight? Pressure, chest pain/Angina, fatigue, confusion are possible symptoms amongst others. Diseases caused by atherosclerosis can cause heart attack and strokes and are the most common cause of death in the U.S. Once your blood pressure acts up its already a serious sign and its time to do something! Depending on the severity of the disease some people will need to be treated with drugs or may even need surgery. However before it gets to this level there are natural ways that you can chose to help prevent this of happening. Make Lifestyle changes! Lose the excess weight, watch your diet and get moving! Start making healthy choices when you go out for a meal order fish and veggies instead of pasta or fries and a burger. Practically every Restaurant in the US has some healthier choices on the menu.You just need to order it!

First step to a better you: When at home chose plant based foods and avoid foods that contain trans- and saturated fats. Include nuts and seeds minimize refined grains, salt and all sweeteners.

Second step to a better you: Exercise! Exercise! Exercise! Regular exercise will help your endothelium to get healthier. There is no need to run to the gym every day (although weight training has many benefits) you can start right now at your home. Dancing is one of many great ways to lower blood pressure naturally. Turn on the beat and start moving!

If you need a coach to help you get on the right path by changing your Lifestyle contact me.

Stay healthy my friends,


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