Since years we know that research is in process of finding a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. According to American Chemical Society a possible cure may be closer – and tastier- then we think. Researchers have found that real Maple syrup – the kind that comes from the sap of the maple tree- helps prevent two types of protein cells from clumping together. When these proteins accumulate together improperly, plaque is built in the brain, causing Alzheimer’s and other brain diseases. Scientist found that maple syrup extract also could prolong Alzheimer’s patient’s life spans by protecting the brain cells from clumping together. Alzheimer’s disease is a condition that worsens over time and causes memory loss, difficulty with language, concentrating, planning, and organizing. According to the Alzheimer’s Association more than 5 million Americans have the disease.

So what does this mean for us on a daily basis? Is this the official thumbs up to consume pancakes with maple syrup on daily basis? Not so much. If a person is consuming sugar daily in coffee and tea then replacing sugar with maple syrup is healthier. Pure Canadian Maple syrup can serve one to one as substitute to sugar in a variety of deserts and baked goods, such as pies and cakes. If you are a lover of homemade Ice cream Maple syrup is a good sugar substitute.

Other benefits of maple syrup

It is 100% natural, pure and free of any coloring or additives. Boiled down directly from tree sap, towards the end of winter, pure maple syrup is an unprocessed, authentic product of nature. White sugar, for example, is typically derived from sugar cane, and processed and purified before being sold. Because maple syrup is not processed, it contains higher levels of potentially beneficial minerals like calcium, potassium, sodium and copper, which makes it the best sugar alternative. Maple syrup does not contain high fructose corn syrup, a modified sugar substitute commonly found in processed foods. Leading pancake syrup brands in the U.S. do not contain any pure maple syrup and rely on high fructose corn syrup as the primary sweetening ingredient, along with additives like artificial flavorings and coloring agents. As use of high-fructose corn syrup has increased, so have levels of obesity and related health problems in the US and around the World. Living a healthy Lifestyle you want to avoid high fructose corn syrup amongst other things.

If you’re concerned about your health cut back on sugar and substitute with Maple syrup which as it appears our brain can benefit from. Best recipe in life: everything in moderation.

Stay healthy my friends,


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