Water is the source of everything on earth and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) uses it as an important ingredient for healing. Back in the ancient times people discovered that certain bathing methods were beneficial for some conditions. TCM’s understanding is that water opens up pores, promotes the Qi and blood flow while it helps get rid of accumulated waste. A bathtub and time are the primary ingredients, adding a few natural ingredients to the water totally non-toxic all in service of “me” time —and, as we emerge detoxified, moisturized, and relaxed. The entire treatment time is about 40 minutes or so. A hot bath (38C) soothes and quiets the body by slowing down activity of the internal organs. This is why a hot bath at night helps relax and sleep better since it relieves tensions and stress related anxiety as well as it detoxifies. (If you’re tired and stressed on the other hand and need to get ready for a family dinner, date or Event you might want to try taking a warm bath (36C) followed by a short cold shower because the cold helps to stimulate the mind and the internal organs.)

Add Dry brushing- While you fill up the tub brush your skin using upward motions starting with your left leg first finish off with the neck and facial area (use softer brush for the face and also upwards motions).It feels absolutely uplifting, and it stimulates all sorts of systems in the body. Even if it did nothing at all besides the feel good factor, it’s totally worth it.

Add to bath:
2 cups of Epsom salt ,
¼ Cup Coconut oil,
½ Lemon

Moisturize your body after the bath while skin is still damp with either organic coconut or organic cold pressed Olive oil. Your skin will have the “glow” factor.

A little bonus for your oral health: Tongue Brush
Use a tooth brush (preferably new) dip it in organic coconut oil,
starting with the back of your tongue gently brush towards the tip of the tongue.